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These are some of the most popular questions that customers who shop online or visit our Boutique ask us on a regular basis.  However, if your question is not covered here you are welcome to contact us HERE

Q.  Do I have to make an appointment at Valentia?

A. Yes the Boutique is open on an appointment basis only. The easiest way to schedule an appointment is online using our live booking system HERE

Q. How do I make an appointment at Valentia?

A.  There are various ways you can make an appointment.  You can call us during our usual opening hours on 0333 800 3494.  You can schedule an appointment online via our live online booking system 

Our bridal & occasion appointments are scheduled for 60 minutes

Q.  What do I wear to my appointment?

A. In order for you to get the most out of your appointment, we recommend that you wear a strapless bra and leggings or tights (to protect your modesty).  We also kindly ask that our customers refrain from wearing any “catchy” jewellery such as bracelets or watches etc.  The Boutique also requests that minimal make-up be worn and that our customers do not schedule an appointment within 72 hours after having a spray tan. You may be asked to remove pieces of jewellery at your appointment.

Q. How many people can I bring to my appointment?

A. Valentia is a small Boutique and can accommodate seating for up to 2 additional guests at any one time.  Also, it is a good idea to limit the amount of people you bring as from experience, too many peoples comments can be confusing and can sometimes deter you from choosing a dress you love.  Remember, its YOUR dress, you are the one who will be wearing it, not them! If you party is larger than this please contact us before making your booking. 

Q. Can I bring children to my appointment?

A. Valentia is a family run business and whilst we adore well behaved children, it may be advisable to get someone to look after them just for your appointment.  If you can give yourself some “you time” without distractions.  If this is not possible we would kindly ask that for children arriving in prams or pushchairs to be kept in them and for older children it can be extremely boring for them, we do not have any toys, so it may be useful to bring a book or computer game to pass their time, FREE WI-FI is available in-store.

Q. I am looking for a prom dress can I come with my friends or on my own?

A. Yes, of course.  However, if you would like to try dresses on you must have at least 1 responsible adult with you (over the age of 18)

Q.  Can I take photos of dresses I like?

A. Photography  of any kind is not permitted at the Boutique.  Please do not take offence if you or a member of your party is asked to refrain from taking photos, its just our company policy.

Q. I have fallen in love with a dress, what do I do now?

A. Purchasing a dress at Valentia is very simple; the majority of our dresses are samples.  This means that once you have chosen your style, you will be shown the colour options and your measurements will be taken and you make payment and wait for your dress to arrive.  We do have a small selection of off- the-peg and sale dresses, if you purchase one of these you will take your dress with you the same day.

Q. I know my dress size why do you need to take my measurements?

A. All of our dresses at the Boutique are manufactured by various designers who all have their own measurement size guides.  There is no standard sizing, and as a general rule the high street clothing size you purchase is often not the size you will end up with.  The sample you tried on during your appointment may not have been the correct size for you.  We therefore need to take accurate measurements at the time you place your order to ascertain what size you will be for the designer whom manufacturers your dress. 

Your measurements also have to be sent to the designer whom confirms which size dress is required this will also be based on the dress style.  The size dress ordered will be governed on what your largest measurement is whether that be bust, waist or hips.  Please do not get confused, just because you have your measurements taken does not mean that the dress will be made to your measurements.  We do also offer a “Haute Couture” design service at additional cost, please get in touch if this is what you require.

Q.  I am interested in having a dress designed for me what do I do?

A.  We have the ability to help you create your dream “Haute Couture” dress whether it be for your wedding day, prom or special occasion.  We offer you a FREE initial consultation to discuss your requirements, if you are then happy with the service we can offer you an additional appointment to commission drawings at a fee of £249. (sole copyright of Valentia).  Once you have confirmed your style we will take various measurements from you and discuss fabrics etc.  Please note if you choose this service, you will have many more fittings than if you purchase one of our sample ready made design gowns.  Bespoke Made-to-Order Prices for this service start from £2500.

Q.  How long will my dress take to arrive?

A. Dress delivery times will be discussed with you during your appointment, times can vary from 10 weeks to 12 months depending on the Designers current order times.  Haute Couture dresses can take longer. You will receive an estimated delivery schedule within 30 days of placing your order.  Please be aware this can occasionally change due to circumstances beyond our control, we often get earlier deliveries or deliveries can sometimes be delayed, however this is rare and we will keep you updated if this occurs.

When placing an order online, please carefully check the item description before placing you order. Whilst quite a lot of our items are in stock and available for immediate dispatch there is also a considerable amount of items that are special order and may take 4 to 12 months to be delivered

Q. Can I cancel a Made-to-Order Item?

A. No, once you have placed an item which is made-to-order you have no right to cancel.  Please check our full terms and conditions HERE

Q. How do I pay for my dress?

A. There are various ways to make payment for your dress.  You can either pay in full at the time of purchase or partially pay with a 50% deposit of the total cost, the balance will become due 60 days prior to your estimated delivery date.  Valentia also offers an interest free flexible payment plans to help spread the cost of your purchase, minimum order value of £500.

Cash and direct bank payments are also accepted.  Valentia does not accept payments by cheque.

Q. What happens when my dress arrives?

A. You will automatically be notified by text or email us as soon as your dress arrives to make a dress collection appointment.  You will then be able to try on your actual dress and take it home with you.

Q.  What happens if I need alterations to my dress when it arrives?

A. The majority of dresses available at the Boutique are based on a standard length and dress size irrespective of any measurements taken.  This means that more often than not dresses will need to be altered to achieve the desired fit. 

Valentia can offer an in-house alterations service if our clients require.

Q. How many dress fittings will I have?

A. This ultimately depends on how your dress fits on arrival and whether you would like our in-house tailor to make the adjustments or whether you will be using your own tailor. Other factors are whether you have opted for a standard size or our Haute Couture service. You should allow for a minimum of 3 fittings. 

We understand its super exciting to find out your dress is due for delivery, but for your first two in-store fittings we would kindly ask our clients to attend this appointment by themselves or with a maximum of one additional guest. These are very important fittings and your consultant  and tailor needs to fully concentrate on how your dress fits in order to advise of any adjustments which need to be made.  Your collection appointment is when you are welcome to bring additional guests with you to make it a memorable day!

Fitting 1 - with Bridal Consultant

Fitting 2 - with Tailor

Fitting 3 - Usually Collection Appointment

Q. I like a Sale Dress. What Can I expect?

A. Our sale items, dresses and gowns are all genuine designer ex-samples. Thus, you may like to freshen , and need cleaning at the buyers expense, we can arrange this for you at a reduced cost, please ask your consultant. The dresses have not been worn, and may have only been tried on in store, unless otherwise stated.  All sale items at The Valentia Boutique are at low prices, due to them being ex-samples, where some may need alterations or mending by a dressmaker. Any known faults with the gown are listed on the item. If  you require any more details about a sale item you are interested in please contact us HERE

Q. What if something goes wrong with my order?

A.  In the unlikely event that something should go wrong with your order, please rest assured that we will do everything within our power and legal obligations to put it right.  We fully understand how important your special day is and will work closely with you to resolve any situations that may arise.  Occasionally, there may be instances that are out of our control but we will always be happy to assist where possible.  We always recommend you contact us in the first instance.  You can do this by emailing HERE.

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