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Dress Storage Solutions...

After your wedding day you may be thinking about the best way to store your dress.

Valentia can provide various storage solutions for you.

Wedding Dress Boxes

All of our wedding dress boxes are hand made ito order n the UK, are made of premium ultra strong card, lace trim  and include  a minimum of 20 sheets of  special PH balanced acid free tissue paper which you will need to store your dress for years to come. All our boxes are made in either a luxury ivory damask pattern with a choice of platinum or ivory ribbon. We have also introduced a beautiful vintage chic design with a French cream ribbon.

Available in 4 sizes:

Small £69.00  (dimensions 36cm x 48cm x 11cm)

Perfect for bridal & occasion dresses that are up to 2 layers including the lining

Medium £85.00 (dimensions 50cm x 75cm x 15cm)

Ideal for bridal & occasion dresses that are up to 3 layers including the lining

(suitable for most mermaid & fishtail style dresses)

Large £99.00 (dimensions 50cm x 75cm x 30cm)

Perfect  bridal gowns up to 8 layers including the lining

(suitable for fuller skirt fishtail dresses and A-line dresses with multiple net petticoats)

Extra Large £169.00 (dimensions 50cm x 75cm x 50cm)

Our extra large box is large enough to get a full princess ball gown up to 12 layers including the lining

Breathable Fabric Bag Covers £14.99

Valentia Long term bag storage covers are extra long and made from breathable fabric which is dust and mite proof. We recommend you do not attempt to store your dress in any plastic covering for any extended length of time as this will not allow the fabric to breath and may cause discoloration and/or fabric deterioration.

Introducing our new Vintage Chic Design Box with French cream ribbon

Shown in Large Size

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