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Specialist Dress Cleaning Service ...

Prices from £19!

The No.1 choice aftercare to preserve your gown....

After your Big Day, help prevent stains from becoming permanent (even those you can’t see, like perspiration, which immediately starts to damage a dress' delicate fabric) by having it cleaned it quickly, if possible even before your honeymoon.

But don’t despair if weeks, months or years have passed since your wedding day.  Gowns that have been sitting around in wardrobes, storage chests or under beds for decades can still benefit from an expert cleaning.

This is also the perfect choice for those whom have purchased pre-loved gowns or those who wish to sell their dress on for someone else to enjoy.

We hear so many times that the most important dress you have bought has been ruined when you have had it cleaned at your local dry cleaners. There are many reasons for this, but the main reason is that a dry cleaners follow the same cleaning process for every item and do not have the same knowledge and expertise with the fabrics and materials they are cleaning often leading to disastrous results.

We at Valentia do not recommend you get the most valuable dress you may have ever purchased dry cleaned. Most dress labels recommend a professional or spot clean only, a dry cleaners are sometimes not qualified enough to make an assessment of whether a fabric or bead work will survive the extreme temperatures and cleaning process that occurs during dry cleaning. We have seen instances where a dry cleaners have put a tulle dress in a tumble dryer with the end result looking like a dish rag and a dress that has been completely ruined.

Valentia are pleased to now offer a professional dress cleaning service. This service is a specialist service suitable for most special occasion dresses and bridal gowns.

SERVICE A  £99.00

Suitable for Short or slim fit dress (such as bridesmaid) with no additional netting 

SERVICE B  £129.00

Suitable for all long dresses including bridal gowns with up to 2 net underskirts 

SERVICE C  £149.00

Suitable for all long dresses including bridal gowns with 3-5 layers of net under/over skirts 

SERVICE D  £19.00

This service is for an additional separate petticoat 

SERVICE E  £49.00

This is our in-house freshen up steaming service. We hand steam garments to freshen and drop creases so they are ready to wear. Dresses made of tulle or organza have more than 2 layers of fabric  will need to purchase the E PLUS service below.


This is our in-house freshen up steaming service. We hand steam garments to freshen and drop creases so they are ready to wear. This service is for garments made of organza or tulle or with  2 -4 layers of fabric. Dresses over 4 layers of fabric will incurr a £10 surcharge per additional layer.









Storing your dress once it’s been cleaned...

Order one of our dress bags or stunning dress boxes for your long term storage solution. Shop HERE


Veil Steaming service

  • Up to Hip Length Veil £30.00

  • Below Hip to Chapel Length Veil £40.00



We cannot guarantee all stains will be removed. There may be occasion where we are not able to clean an item, this may be due to poor quality fabric or another reason, if this instance occurs you will be notified within 7 days and issued a full refund under these circumstances. The utmost care and attention is provided at all times to every garment, in the unlikely event of damage to an item, all items are covered by a repair or replacement insurance if the service is proven to be negligent. Our Cleaning service takes up to 4-8 weeks, all cleaning is intricately spot cleaned by hand,  in some instances this may be extended. If in any doubt please contact us HERE

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